Intrebari si raspunsuri (oficiale)

Pagina oficiala de Facebook al Departamentului de Stat American (U.S. Department of State – Consular Affairs) organizeaza in prima zi de vineri a fiecarei luni un chat cu ofiteri de viza, ce se ocupa cu diferite tipuri de vize, care raspund in direct intrebarilor adresate de cei care participa pe Facebook la aceste intalniri. In data de 8 august a avut loc o noua editie a cestei intalniri unde Albert, un ofiter de viza, a raspuns intrebarilor legate de loteria vizelor – programul DV. Am selectat pe cele care mi s-au parut mai interesante si care au si o insemnatate atat pentru Romania cat si pentru o intelegere mai aprofundata a procesului de derulare al acestui program. Aveti mai jos 17 intrebari si raspunsurile acordate:

Q1: Hi, I’m selected for DV 2015 my case number is 2015AF00007xxx and i submitted DS260 on August 2. What is my probability of getting visa? thanks in advance!

A: Hi Ethio, it may be difficult to finish the process given that the documents were submitted so late in the process. We strongly recommend that all applicants complete the application process as early as possible because there is no guarantee that a visa number will be available for all selectees.

Q2: Hi Albert! Great idea to do a ‘question hour’ about the DV lottery. I was wondering, as a DV2015 winner, if you don’t have a sponsor, could give an indication of the amount of funds I have to show to prove I won’t become a public charge.

And when you enter the US and receive your green card via mail, do you have to be physically present at that address, or can you travel back while your green card is on it’s way to tie up some loose ends in your home country.

A: Hi Melissa, on your first question, the consular officer will tell you if you need a sponsor. And regarding the second question, you will need to maintain permanent resident status in the US. To read about maintaining status please visit Maintaining Permanent Residence

Q3: When will be the next DV registration program will start

A: Hi Shabir, the DV 2016 information will be available in mid September and registration will begin in October 2014

Q4: Please, I would like to find out if the dv lottery results are released in batches. Is it released only once, that is first May. If its released only once, then why do you ask participants to keep their confirmation numbers till september, the following year. Thank you.

A: Hi Asuama, historically we have announced DV selectees in May, and individuals not selected are encouraged to retain their confirmation numbers because DV numbers may be available later in the program year. This year, however, we do not expect to have additional selectees for DV 2014.

Q5: Dear Sir, I am a winner of DV 2014 with high case number. According to Visa bulletin , the last cut-off number of Asia in september is 13350. What do you think the person who are over 13350 for getting interview and visa?

A: Hi Thurein, we do not have sufficient numbers of visas for all DV selectees. We usually select more than 50,000 people because many applicants do not complete the process, however, we are obligated by law to only issue 50,000 visas. Accordingly, once we issue the number allowed by law, we cannot issue additional visas even to people that may have been selected as eligible to apply for the DV. Please check back in September to see if you can apply for DV 2016, and please apply as early as possible if you are eligible.

Q6: Hi; is it possible to make a prolongation of DV-visa if you are not ready to go in 6 months after obtain a visa?

A: Hi Melchisedeck, you must travel within 6 months after your visa is issued. If you do not, you must re-apply for the visa as if you were a new applicant, and there is no guarantee that visas will still be available in your country if you re-apply.

Q7: hello, am dv 2015 winner, when entering me they only used two names and yet on my other documents I’ve got 3 names, am just pursuing ma passport so I can fill ma ds260,how can i go about this?

A: Hi Sewalu, when filling out the DS 260, you should use your legal name as it appears on your passport.

Q8: Is there a reason why only a handful of people from Austria win every year and thousands of people from other countries (Turkey, India,..) win? Is there an amount or percentage for every country?

A: Hi Nicole, the DV is a random lottery. Other countries have more applicants than Austria, so they may have a greater number of selectees in proportion to their entrants.

Q9: After submitting my DS260 form online do I need to scan my documents and send it by E mail?

A: Hi Mohamed, no please follow the instruction on the entry status check page from the Ketucky Consular Center if you are a DV selectee.

Q10: will it again open this year,i.e. for 2016?

A: Hi Asim, DV 2016 applications will open in October 2014. Please check our website, for information in September 2014

Q11: Hello, what should I write in the DS-260 regarding my permanent address in the US if I don’t already have a place to live?

A: Hi Alessandro, the DS 260 requires an address in the United States. You can list a friend or relative’s address in the meantime.

Q12: Hello, I’m a DV 2015 winner from Madagascar. When will be the interview scheduled?

A: Hi Andry, interviews for DV 2015 begin in October 2014. We encourage you to submit your documents as soon as possible to the Kentucky Consular Center.

Q13: Is it true there are no background checks right now because of a security breach

A: No, Robert, that is entirely false. Our systems will not permit us to issue visas unless all mandatory processes have been completed.

Q14: Is there any chance to go current in AS cut-off ?

A: Hi Aung, please check our September visa bulletin for an update on the Asia cut off. We cannot speculate here as to whether additional numbers will be available.

Q15: Good day! I’m a DV-15 winner, is there a deadline to submit form DS-260? Thank you for making such opportunity available

A: Nara, congratulations on your selection! You should submit your DS 260 as soon as possible because visa numbers may not be available as we approach the end of the DV 2015 cycle.

Q16: Dear Sir, I am a DV 2014 winner. Any changes in September cut-off number for Asia?

A: DV numbers are reviewed every month, and there is always a possibility that numbers will adjust. Please visit our website and review the September Visa Bulletin. It will be released in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there will be numbers available for all DV selectees, so you should apply as early as possible.

Q17: Greetings , after recieving the visa for DV-15 winner , is there a certain duration he should be staying in the US after arriving for the first time ? Or could he travel out again as soon as he gets his green card ?

A: Hi Andrew, you must retain permanent residence. To read about maintaining permanent residence, please visit Maintaining Permanent Residence